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I Do Not Understand How Your Diet Could Help.

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I guess I do not understand. I do not eat breakfast. Instead I walk about 1 1/2 miles a day. My main meal is lunch. I very seldom eat supper (dinner) in the evening and still my weight stays the same. I do not understand how your diet could help. I know the standard answer is that it will but I can not see how. Could you help me?

It is very clear why you are not losing weight. Do you expect your car to perform without supplying gas? Your body is very good at storing food since it never knows when you'll eat again. You've got to provide a steady stream of fuel for your body to use. This way you will begin to see some body fat come off. On the Zone, you should eat within an hour of waking and an hour of going to sleep and never let more than 5 hours pass without food.

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The Gourmet Prescription
The Gourmet Prescription

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