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    Deep down in most everyone's heart is a desire to be do our best. One of the stumbling blocks we face throughout this life that keeps us from being and doing our best is sickness. In this context I define sickness as any level of not feeling good - not feeling the best. At one time in my life I almost forgot what feeling my best was. In other words, I always had something bothering me physically.

    Try to think back with me to those days as a young child when you would wake up full of energy...ready to go...You were so felt so good physically, mentally and spiritually. Then as the years went by, that zest, spark, that vitality slowly waned. Like me at one time, You may have reached the point where, on many mornings, it was a struggle to wake up and get out of bed. You may have found it hard to fall asleep..... You had this nagging ache or pain here and got sick (not flat on your back in bed) but just always seemed to be fighting a cold. The doctors said it must be an allergy. But their drugs sometimes helped a little, but never for long. Nothing seemed to stop the spiraling down of our once great health. You may have less serious symptoms that you realize affect your productivity in one or many areas of your life.  If these less serious symptoms could somehow be eliminated, most of us feel we could be more affective spouses, parents, mentors, etc. Don’t you want to enjoy yourself and others you the fullest in a short life that we have on this wonderful earth?

    I had reached this point in my early twenties. I had no idea how to feel better and return to the great health I had as a young boy. It affected my outlook on life: lacked enthusiasm, drive, and even my desire to serve God and my fellowman - our God-given mandate to love and serve God. I was taking some occasional Vitamin C (hard tablets), especially when I felt a cold coming on. My wonderful, loving mother, Betty Cameron had suggested this to me in my sophomore year in college when I was always sick with one cold after another. And sometimes that seemed to help me feel better... Sometimes I would not get the cold. Little did I know that this cultivated habit was a seed of wisdom that would lead me to discover, by the leading and mercy of God, many more supplements, that, if taken fairly regularly, would lead me over time, to feel better and better – and then finally feel my best again. I want to thank my mother here for giving me that bottle way back in 1970 when I was in school. This was the beginning spark that would eventually lead me to feeling my best again.

    I have backgrounds of study in Biology. I was fortunate enough to take a course in biophysical chemistry in my senior year at the University of Scranton. This fancy-sounding, very complicated course that was primarily focused on cell membrane transport theory ( the exploration and theorizing of how the cell membrane of each cell in our body facilitates the selection and passage of all the compounds and molecules necessary for cellular health and survival) taught me a very valuable yet simple lesson: THE CELLS THAT DWELT IN AN AQEOUS (WATER-RICH) COLLOIDAL (SOUPY-MIX) ENVIRONMENT OF ALL THE 20 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, VITAMINS, CO-ENZYMES AND MINERALS LIVED THE LONGEST, FUNCTIONED THE BEST & WERE THE HEALTHIEST IN OUR EXPERIMENTAL TISSUE CULTURES. This simple truth led me later in life to gradually begin taking more and more supplements. I supposed that if this theory worked on a cellular level, then possibly it may work on a multi-cellular level - maybe even in my body. I was to become the Guinea pig. I prayed often for God's wisdom and direction in this experiment. And over the years, He has led me into a new world of wisdom and health I never in my wildest dreams thought possible. He can do the same for you as you slowly add supplements (Amino acids, vitamins & minerals) one supplement at a time to your daily intake. Use the "One-week-ON-One-Week-OFF" program for 6 weeks and then decide whether you should make that supplement part of your almost daily regimen. You will be amazed how your health will improve over time. Remember, Supplements do not work like aspirin (in 30 minutes). They may take weeks or even years before you experience the total benefits - though sometimes it's right away. We both had early goals in college to become doctors. But God had other plans. As my father-in-law, Dr Joseph Hempsey, one of the greatest men to ever live - in my opinion : )- taught us (former sweetheart and myself) some valuable lessons. One was: "Doctors are trained in crisis intervention, NOT PREVENTION. In other words, We have come to expect the wrong help from doctors because most doctors, even in this present age, still only receive at most literally 2 hours (120 minutes) of instruction while in medical school learning the effect & function of supplements in the human body.  This is not a criticism of doctors at all. It is just a statement of fact by my father-in-law who was one of the greatest doctors and human beings I’ve ever known. Doctors serve a critical role in saving our lives in acute, emergency situations. I have learned that our responsibility to get to know our own bodies well enough and to discover what is available to help us feel and function our best.

    I was married in 1975 shortly after graduating from college and the plan of becoming a doctor became, thank God, a passing dream as a growing family became our responsibility to manage. It was not until later, and after much physical suffering & sickness did the seeds of wisdom planted in college begin to take root and yield knowledge, that when applied, would help myself and my family begin to experience improved health. Before taking supplements became part of my daily intake and with a young family came all kinds of colds, sicknesses and allergies - not crippling, just stumbling blocks in our desire to excel and be our best.

    Things really began to change slowly but consistently when we learned what it meant to work on developing a personal relationship with God. As we came to understand how to develop and grow spiritually, God would show us marvelous truths, guiding us to read publications and books that had truths about physical health - that when applied would help us feel better, think more clearly and even function better. Actually it was a pretty simple change. Someone challenged us to read the Bible, a little bit every day (as part of our daily regimen) and to pray. They said that God would speak to our thoughts, give us ideas and direction as we read and prayed throughout the day - As we fed our hearts and minds preaching, hymns and God-centered music (Try, ). Playing it quietly in the background as we drove places or worked at home or in the office is a tremendous blessing! Try it and see.

    Since that day we have been regularly reading the Word and praying. Little by little we have been blessed with wisdom from God that has blessed every area of our life. Through this website we wish to share this information and make available to you the best products that have helped us become full of energy and more productive despite our ages. I am 52 now. I can run faster, have more stamina and endurance and feel so much better than when I was in my 20's. Please don't consider this idol boasting and pride. For I share this humbly, yet with great joy and as a tribute to Our precious Lord, Father & Friend. For God has brought this great gift of health to me and my family. And now you I hope : ). For if you feel your best physically, a great side benefit results: You start looking your best on the outside (smiles abound)...that sparkle comes back in your eyes.  That energy that encourages those we see every day is rejuvenated in us... and maybe even imputes the spark that motivates others to excel.   So that is our desire for you, and those you love, and those you are lead to help yourself others by telling them about supplements this site. We wish you success in your journey for best health & beauty. We also hope you will begin your journey to good health with our products Where Do I Begin?

 In reality we don't just donate 10% of the profits to FCAGP and other God-focused organizations. It's more like over 110% of the profits now. For we owe all our health to our RISEN Lord and KING : ). So we hope you will join us in serving HIM buy purchasing from our store. God bless and keep you! And Thank you in advance for partnering with us!

You may say: Wait a minute!...  I do not believe all this Christian stuff like you…. And this is fine… We promise not to talk your ear off trying to convert you. We want to share the wisdom we have been blessed with… with everyone … No one from our company will ever spend your valuable time trying to convert you.

- Ed Cameron

(Founder of Ed's Aloe )

*NOTE: All products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. For more information about our return policy, send us an e-mail, with "Return Policy" as your subject.

At least 10% of the proceeds generated by this website are given to entities that further God's kingdom by sharing His wisdom that gives anyone who asks: Eternal Life and Abundant and Prosperous Living.

In case you are wondering what we look like...
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Ed Cameron today.
Ed Cameron Age:48+

Ed and JoAnne Cameron back then...WAY back then  = )
Ed and JoAnne:Age 28


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