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Aloe Vera Research - Browse our fine selection of Aloe Vera research topics to find out more about this wonderful product!  Aloe Vera has often been referred to as the "drugstore in one plant" because of its almost endless variety of medical applications.  Aloe Vera is useful for just about anything, from healing regular cuts and scrapes to reducing scarring to relieving burns to regulating our bowels to relieving asthma, etc.  To ensure that we preserve the most our products' potency, we make sure that our Aloe Vera is cold-processed.  Most of our competitors process their Aloe Vera by other means, and therefore, lose most of their products healing abilities.  One of our best Aloe Vera products is our Aloe Super 3 Lotion, which is most-commonly used as an application to damaged skin.  

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ZonePerfect Research - Do you struggle with a lack of energy and vitality each day?  Do you want to lose weight and take control of your life again?  Are you interested in learning about smart and healthy alternatives to the foods you eat?  Well, this is the place for you!  This section showcases a variety of appetizing ZonePerfect snack bars and drinks that are calculated to boost your energy levels and help you lose weight.  In addition to all this, we also offer you nutrition books by Dr. Barry Sears, "the father of the Zone", that will teach you how to be healthy and gain the strength you need each day!  Designed by Dr. Barry Sears over 10 years ago, these products contain a special composition of soy protein, carbohydrate, and fat.  Our best-selling ZonePerfect Nutritional Bar is our Honey Peanut Bar.   

Here's why the ZonePerfect Nutritional Bars are so unique and effective:  

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Vitamin & Supplement Research - Do you know for sure if you're getting all your needed vitamins and supplements each day?  Check this section our to discover the variety of vitamins and supplements that Ed Cameron, President and CEO of Best Health & Beauty, takes each day to maintain his level of energy and vitality!  From Activated B6 to Zinc Citrate (effective with colds), we carry a variety of vitamins and supplements to meet your daily physical needs.

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