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Super 3 Antioxidant Formula - only $12.95

Order Super 3 Antioxidant Formula Here ($12.95)

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Order Super 3 Antioxidant Formula Here ($12.95)

Whole Leaf Aloe Super 3 Antioxidant Formula is a unique penetrating abilities combined with the highly germicidal action of Colloidal Silver and the antioxidant properties of Pycnogenol provide the best protection from free radical cell and tissue damage available. This is a soothing, moisturizing, deep penetrating cream. It cuts pain & inflammation up to 90 % in minutes as it heals up to 8 times faster than other aloe based, well-known analgesic creams. With its 270 pairs of healing mucopolysaccharides (including Acemannan the "conductor" of this symphony of healing ingredients) Super 3 is awesome It promotes the new growth and sustains of healthy body tissues. This concentrated aloe-based cream accelerates the reconditioning & repair of skin and mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, most external areas and even areas which we'd feel funny mentioning here. Regular use relieves pain & helps heal damage caused by aging, irritations, infections (bacterial, fungal and viral), minor burns, sun and chemical burns, insect bites (mosquito, spider) and stings.... rashes, fever blisters, diaper rash, body sores, some forms of herpes, razor burn, bruises & other soft tissue injuries as well as MANY FORMS OF ARTHRITIS. Apply liberally as often as needed for maximum results. BEST to rub into discomforted area for 5 minutes minimally - not hard just a gentle steady motion for minimally 5 minutes each time you apply. (We can't stress the importance of this enough...Application time is very important). Make sure you gently massage it in for 5 minutes at least says Loren Ritter, well-known Aloe reseller. Dr Bob Davis, the aloe-industry the proclaimed "Father of Aloe" once told me he believes that properly extracted aloe is "an entire pharmacy in one plant". Herb Lusk of Greater Exodus Baptist Church" of Philadelphia used this once before a golf match. He had so much pain that he nearly decided not to play. After using it Pastor Lusk said he felt like it cut the pain by almost all the pain. He finished pain-free in the low 80's... winning the match with Ed. Use your hand, finger(s) or a q-tip. and apply in a clockwise & counterclockwise motion...gently. A 4 oz. bottle will last you months. Ed uses it daily as a face cream and a deterrent to ingrown hairs on his neck and face sometimes cause by shaving. Jack used aloe on his arthritic knuckle that had swelled to twice its normal size. He could barely hold his hand on the golf club. He could not bend the knuckle at all. He would take cotton and daily load the cotton with super three... stick the cotton in a glove and wear the Super 3 soaked cotton all day; each day he loaded the same cotton with more. He noticed instant pain relief and after several months Jack's knuckle is almost normal and completely pain free. AMAZING !!! I just had to tell you all of this. Sorry for the rambling. I hope when you try it you send me your success story. God is so good to us to grant us the timing & discernment to recognize such wonderful things and to share them with you to help you is an honor and a joy. Thank you. : ) 4oz tube / .5 lb

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