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Order Magnesium Here ($11.60)

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Order Magnesium Here ($11.60)

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Description: Magnesium is a mineral that is needed for the formation of bone, proteins, and fatty acids. It is used to make new cells, activate B vitamins, clot blood, and form ATP.
Magnesium deficiencies are common. They occur often when either Potassium depleting drugs or laxatives are used. Conditions which cause deficiencies include alcoholism, burns, diabetes, and heart failure.
Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include abnormal heart rhythms, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, depression, listlessness, and loss of appetite.
Taking Vitamin B6 with magnesium increases its absorption by cells. Magnesium may interfere with absorption of calcium; a supplemental dose can prevent problems that might be caused by this.
Magnesium appears to have a relaxing effect in cases of mild anxiety.1
Magnesium deficiency is often found in asthmatics.2 In studies, a magnesium injection immediately following the onset of an asthma attack has caused the attack to end within minutes.3 This is due to the fact that magnesium helps to prevent and stop muscle spasms. While oral dosage of magnesium in the prevention of asthma has not been proven, it is probably beneficial.
Magnesium is necessary for muscle contraction, heart rate regulation, and muscle growth. Strenuous exercise can rapidly deplete the body’s stores of magnesium;4 supplements are often helpful.
Magnesium levels are often low in ADHD patients. The addition of a magnesium supplement to the diet appears to reduce hyperactivity.5
Magnesium levels are also low in some Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients.6 Supplements appear helpful, although in some cases, magnesium had to be injected in order to prove helpful.7
Magnesium deficiency is frequently associated with Congestive Heart Failure, and can cause heart arrhythmia.8 Magnesium supplements can decrease the occurrence of arrhythmia. It has been found to be especially effective when taken in combination with Potassium.9
Low Magnesium levels are very common in patients with diabetes.10 Magnesium supplementation appears to improve insulin production in Type 2 diabetics,11 and to decrease the amount of injected insulin needed by Type 1 diabetics.12
The American Diabetes Association has acknowledged the "strong associations...between magnesium deficiency and insulin resistance".13 Daily supplementation of 400 mg is recommended.
Magnesium, taken at 340 - 400 mg daily, may also help control blood sugar levels.14
A combination of Magnesium and Malic Acid has been shown to lessen muscle pain associated with Fibromyalgia.15 This may be due to the fact that many patients with Fibromyalgia have low magnesium levels.
Magnesium appears to ease hypertension.16 A dose of up to 500 mg daily appears effective.
Magnesium helps the body to convert oxalate into other substances. Supplementation with magnesium can reduce urine levels of both calcium and oxalate,17 thus decreasing kidney stone occurrence. However, in many cases, magnesium supplementation actually exacerbates this condition, so consult with a health care professional before supplementing.
Magnesium appears to reduce both the duration and intensity of migraines.18 It is believed that it does so by preventing blood vessel spasms.
Calcium may reduce the body’s absorption of magnesium and Zinc. Since both of these nutrients are also important in the prevention of osteoporosis, supplementation may be necessary.19,20
Magnesium is often deficient in women who suffer from PMS.21 Supplementation of up to 400 mg daily may help relieve some symptoms.22
Low levels of magnesium have been associated with diabetes-induced retinopathy.23

Natural Sources: Beans, Dark Green Vegetables, Fish, Grains, Meats, Nuts.

Useful in treatment of: anxiety, asthma, Athletics and Sports, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Congestive Heart Failure, diabetes, Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, kidney stones, migraines, osteoporosis, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, retinopathy.

Recommended Dosage: 400 mg daily.

Contraindications: Large doses may cause diarrhea. Patients with kidney stones should not take magnesium without consulting a health care professional.


Order Magnesium Here ($11.60)

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