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Order Vitamin A Here ($6.90)

Description: Vitamin A is needed for cell reproduction. It helps cells to maintain healthy cell membranes, which prevent disease-causing organisms from entering them. It also stimulates immunity and helps the body in the formation of bone, protein, and growth hormones.
Vitamin A also appears to have powerful antioxidant properties.
Beta-Carotene can be converted into Vitamin A by the body.
Vitamin A deficiencies are common, especially in individuals who eat few fruits, vegetables, and dairy foods. The first sign of deficiency is usually poor night vision. Other signs include dry skin, increased infections, and precancerous metaplasia.
Taking vitamin A and Iron together helps overcome Iron deficiency more effectively than iron supplements alone.1
Vitamin A has been shown to reduce the risk of cataracts.2
Vitamin A deficiency is quite common in women with menorrhagia. 25,000 IU taken twice daily for two weeks has been shown to cause improvement, sometimes even complete return to a normal menstrual blood flow.3
Vitamin A is especially deficient in HIV patients, and low levels are often associated with more severe disease-related problems.4 Low levels of Vitamin A also appear to make in utero transmission more likely.5 However, since high levels of Vitamin A supplementation can be dangerous during pregnancy, a doctor should be consulted. (Note also that taking Vitamin A does NOT prevent in utero transmission, and the difficulties related to pregnancy and HIV should be discussed with a health care professional before any attempts to become pregnant are made.)
Vitamin A helps to strengthen skin and mucous membranes, preventing germs from penetrating these. Supplementation may help improve immune function and speed recovery from certain illnesses, such as measles and diarrhea.6
Vitamin A may be helpful in the treatment of peptic ulcers.7
Vitamin A increases Progesterone levels,8 and, taken in high doses, can reduce PMS symptoms.9 High doses of Vitamin A are dangerous during pregnancy, however, so women who might potentially become pregnant should not use Vitamin A supplements without consulting a health care provider.
Vitamin A deficiency often results in infection. Supplemental Vitamin A may help the body to fight off urinary tract infections.10

Natural Sources: Cod Liver Oil, Dairy, Liver.

Useful in treatment of: cataracts, Heavy Menstruation, HIV Support, Immune Function Improvement, Peptic Ulcer, PMS, urinary tract infections.

Contraindications: Women who could potentially become pregnant should take less then 10,000 IU daily. At that level or higher, birth defects may occur.
All other individuals should take no more than 25000 IU daily. At great dosages, supplementation may cause headaches, dry skin, hair loss, fatigue, bone problems, and liver damage.11

Vitamin A is an oil-soluble nutrient found preformed in fish liver oil.

Order Vitamin A Here ($6.90)


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