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Vitamin C Research

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Antioxidant Vitamin C Helps Heart and Circulation by Enhancing Cell Production of Nitric Oxide (NO) a Free Radical!
Are Vitamin C and Vitamin E Bad for Heart Patients?  Do You Believe August 8th News Report, or Linus Pauling?
A Word About Vitamin C
Evidence Mounts: Vitamin C Valuable in Fight Against Cancer
Evidence that Vitamin C Saves up to 621,000 Lives from Heart Disease Alone
Feb 01 - Vitamin C May Prevent Coronary Artery Disease
Headline: New life for vitamin C as Cancer Treatment: Articles Say Early Studies of its Value were Prejudiced
Ignorance About Vitamin C and HIV/AIDS Kills
Is Vitamin C Risky?  Plus Our Rebuttal to Recent Media Terror Attacks.
Low Vitamin C Levels Linked to Increase in Gallbladder Disease Large Study Confirms 1950s Research.
NIH Team: Vitamin C Could be an Approach to Tackling Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Oral Vitamin C Supplementation Proven to Benefit Arteries.  Researchers Say Ascorbate may be an Effective Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease.
Study Mis-characterizes Role of Antioxidants in Blood Vessel Disease
Summaries of the Early Willis Vitamin C and Atherosclersosis Studies
The Linus Pauling/Matthias Rath Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease Online Paper Published in the J. of Orthomolecular Medicine.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C and Biological Warfare: Ignorance of the Detox Value of High Dose Vitamin C Costs Lives
Vitamin C and Heart Disease: Ignorance Kills
Vitamin C, E Protect the Aging Brain Elderly Men Who Took Vitamin E and C supplements were Protected From Dementia and Showed Improvements in Cognitive Function.

Vitamin C Lowers Lead Levels in Blood. Especially in Children.

Vitamin C may Reduce Risk of Cataract Development
Vitamin C T-Shirts from Japan
Vitamin C with Vitamin K3 Causes "New Kind" of Cancer Cell Death. from Ralph Moss's
Vitamins Can Prevent Stomach Cancer

Young Having More Heart Attacks.  Pauling Explained Why Children Need More Vitamin C.

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