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Why I take Supplements

by Ed Cameron (September 30, 2009)

Throughout my teenage years and into my early 20's I suffered all kinds of physical problems.  I always strived to do my BEST at whatever I began.  But these physical ailments always seemed to hold me back and interfere with doing my BEST.  It began in college when I developed severe insomnia and suffered with one cold after another.  I was a baseball pitcher and outfielder on a work study scholarship at Christian Brothers College (CBC) with a major in Biology.  We had a great coach, Dave Loos.  We practiced intensely  in-season and off-season.  Our practices consisted of lots of running (long distance and sprints) as well as weight training.  During my Freshman year at CBC I developed a huge craving for milk (gallons a day) and had tremendous trouble sleeping which eventually caused me to move back home after my Freshman year.  I thought my problem was homesickness.  Later I learned otherwise.  I ended up earning a BS in Biology from the University of Scranton ("the U") after transferring there.  I struggled with the same insomnia, joint pain, and one cold after another.  My mother was very concerned and suggested I take Vitamin C.  I was trained to avoid taking pills and drugs, as was the case for most baby boomers, except when prescribed by a doctor.  Therefore, I took them only as a last resort after I could not seem to get rid of the colds or other sickness.  I noticed only that, since I did not take the 500mg Vitamin C tablets all the time, I would seem to get over the colds a little bit faster.  Was this my imagination I wondered or was it the Vitamin C.  Over the remainder of my schooling at the University, I became convinced that Vitamin C was helping me get over and then keep me free from colds and the flu more often than when I did not take Vitamin C regularly.  I still wondered oftentimes if this was just a coincidence.

In my senior year at "the U" I took a very tough course in Bio-physical chemistry.  The course, as the title implies, combined the knowledge of physics with biochemistry in helping us formulate theory about how cellular membranes selected and then facilitated the transfer of selected molecules across the cell membrane (in and out of the cell).   Even tough the course required us to develop extremely complicated membrane transport theories  ( the highest grade was a C-),  I learned one very valuable lesson:  the cells that lived the longest and that were the healthiest throughout the course were those cells that were maintained in a colloidal  suspension (soupy mix) comprised of all the minerals, vitamins, co-factors, glucose and amino acids deemed necessary for human life maintained at a constant temperature  close 98.8 degrees F (normal human body temperature).  This simple lesson would gradually lead me into taking many supplements.

I graduated form the U and began life's struggle of  "making it on my own" while continuing to chase my dream of becoming a pro baseball player in the spring and summer and an orthopeadic surgeon in the fall and winter.  Unfortunately, reality settled in and I soon, found myself having to give up both dreams mainly due to my health and the need to make money to pay the bills my young family generated. I reached a point where a family friend and trusted orthopaedic surgeon informed me after xraying my knees in 1980, that not only would I have to give up all sports and working out, but I would also have to change carreers and stop lifting and carrying heavy items. I was crushed.  I cried out to God for direction at his point in my life.  Someone suggested that I start taking Calcium-Magnesium and Zinc (CMZ) tablets. I did (just 3 per day). To my amazement the pain in my knees and other joints went away after 2 weeks.  I of course thought it was coincidence.  Afterall, Why would the God of a billion+ people care that much for me to answer my heartfelt prayer.  I stopped taking the tablets and the pain slowly returned.  I started taking them again (always drinking lots of water and food with them - as I was instructed) and to my amazement the pain went away again.  After a time of what I call "on for 2 weeks off for 2 weeks" (2WO2WO test ) experimentation of taking CMZ for 2 weeks and then not taking CMZ for 2 weeks over a 12 week time frame, I confirmed that God did hear and answer my prayer perhaps and that the daily doses CMZ with food and water were indeed keeping me pain free.  I was also irregularly taking Vitamin C since college too. I was still pretty sick all the times with what the doctors told me were bad allergies with left me with a constantly running nose, tremendous, almost daily sinus headaches/migraines that I could never seem to get rid of.  These allergies became so bad that they severely impacted my work and confined me to bed for days at a time.  One again I begged God for help.  When asked one day by an older gentleman in very good health what was wrong with me physically (he had noticed I was feeling very badly), I told him the doctor said it was allergies.  He promptly said, "Is that all?" And said "well all you need to do is go the the Vitamin store and get a bottle of alfalfa tablets for $1.69 and take 3 tablets, 3 times a day for 3 days - and after the 3rd day that I would feel fine and free from the complications of my allergies." I took his advice and was amazed !  It actually worked !  I subjected this regimen to the 2WO2WO test and being convinced that this seemed to eliminate my allergies I added alfalfa to the almost daily does of CMZ and Vitamin C.

Some years later I was told Vitamin B complex would give me more energy.  So I began taking it and also subjected it to the 2WO2WO test.  I was again amazed at how effective it was and added it to my daily supplement regimen (DSR).  I was still confused and could not understand why this helped so much.  I ate plenty of good food, fruits and vegetables.  Why was I not getting the supplements I was taking daily in tablet form from this good food?  I was trained in biology that one gets all they need to be healthy from food.  I began to doubt this premise. 

Then some neighbors who lived across the street from my family and that had been very sick for years began studying alternative methods in hopes to find a way to help there maladies.  They did this since the doctors and the drugs they prescribed seem to be making them worse instead of better.  They shared with us an important reason why one needs to take supplements:  There is 2% (1/50th) of the vitamins and minerals in the food we eat today as compared to the food that was eaten before 1933.  The main reason for this is two-fold:  (1) In 1933, it was found that TB (tuberculosis) was being spread not only through human breath but also through human and animal feces being used to fertile our farmland.  This was abruptly halted and therefore the vitamin / minerals that were being put back into the soil by this method was  ended.  Only one kind of mineral was ever added back - calcium carbonate beacuse it was found to make the vegetable that grew greener and more "leafy".  I have learned that there are 8 different calcium compounds that are vital for a healthy life. Only one of these compounds are sometimes put back into the soil since the fertilization cycle was broken back in 1933.  (2) Human remains have increasingly over the years  been buried in caskets and impervious cement burial vaults. This further impacts our food since these minerals also never get back into our soil and the food chain.  The conclusion is: we must take enough supplements to make up for our tremendous lack - 1/50th of the nutrients.  As a result of this information I began reading and studying how supplements and the lack thereof in one's diet  would impact sickness and degenerative disease like MS, arthritis, cancer, etc. in my body.  I began gradually adding all kinds of supplements to my DSR using my 2WO2WO test.  My health improved dramatically.  I also added many herbs,  the most effecacious being cold-processed, whole leaf, 18x aloe vera concentrate -deemed by late Dr Robert Davis (my personal friend), the so-called (father of aloe research) to be "an entire pharmacy in one plant" - and completely virucidal.  I have also found this to help me tremendously.

I rarely get sick.  I am more productive in my work, life and relationships as long as I am consistent with my supplements and consume at least half my body weight in ounces of water each day - optimally 8 fluid ounces per hour.  I weigh 190 lbs.  Therefore I strive to drink 95 fl ounces of water each day. 

All of the above seems to work for me.  But I am still learning and therefore my DSR changes.  Might this 2WO2WO testing and consistent supplementation help you?  Read, study and ask God to guide you and help you discern what may help you.  We are all different. So your DSR might need to be a little diffferent than mine.   Try it !  I think you to will be amazed  how supplementation will help you feel better so you can live a more prosperous and productive life.

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