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The ZonePerfect Diet System

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What is the Zone?
The Zone Diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears and is based upon over 15 years of his research in the field of bio-nutrition. It is guided by the same science that won the 1982 Nobel Prize for Medicine. The Zone Diet goes beyond mere "wellness". Simply put, the Zone is a metabolic state of optimal health where your body works at peak efficiency.

The Science Behind the Zone Diet
The Zone Diet focuses on the intricate biochemical linkage between diet and the body's hormone insulin. Since insulin production is influenced greatly by diet, Dr. Sears reasoned that eating the appropriate balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat would induce the body to produce ideal levels of this hormone. Individuals utilizing this diet to maintain insulin levels in a therapeutic zone could avoid the most common deleterious effects of too much insulin--constant weight gain and low energy levels.

The overriding principles of the Zone Diet are first: ensure that the body receives an adequate supply of low fat protein at each meal and second, eat proteins, fats and fiber-rich vegetables and fruits in a ratio for which the body is genetically programmed. By consuming the proper ratio of low-density carbohydrates to fat to protein, an individual can begin controlling his or her insulin production with amazing precision. By maintaining insulin levels within a therapeutic zone, one is often able to burn excess body fat (and keep it off permanently) and enjoy increased energy, as well as improved mental acuity and increased vitality.

ZonePerfect Products: Science-based Nutrition
According to Dr. Sears, the ideal ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is 40-30-30 respectively. Ideally, a Zone-favorable meal or snack will be composed of this caloric ratio at every meal, snack or drink. However, it is not necessary to do this caloric math at every meal. We've done it for you! Our online store carries a complete product line of nutrition bars, meals, and drinks in this precise ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. That's why our products are called ZonePerfect! Our products will make the Zone Diet and the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program simple and easy to follow! Our products are especially helpful when you're on the go and it's difficult to make a Zone Meal or a Zone snack. The ZonePerfect Nutrition Program is nourishment for a time starved world! We also carry vital and important premium formulated nutrition supplements which can enhance the Zone Diet:Omega-3 Fish Oils , Antioxidants , and Protein Powder. Each advanced formulation uses only the highest quality, all natural ingredients.

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