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Dr. Barry Sears and the Company's medical director specifically designed the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program to help individuals quickly and easily achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals.  This science-based nutrition program seeks to tap the powerful, almost drug-like effects of food,  with the goal of positioning your body within a hormonally controlled "Zone" 24 hours a day.

Controlling Insulin Levels through Food
The foundation of the program is based on one simple but crucial insight:  What you eat and how you eat has a powerful effect on your physiology and health.  The anchoring element of the Zone Diet is to look at food with a new and enlightened perspective.  The focus of food consumption should not be a blind analysis of caloric content but one of viewing food as a 'drug' which dramatically affects the body's insulin level.  We believe that significant swings in insulin levels affect mood, endurance, mental acuity, and weight gain/loss.  Over time, uncontrolled insulin levels erode your overall health and well being.

Science-based Nutrition
The full line of ZonePerfect products is an integral part of the ZonePerfect Nutrition program and the Zone Diet.  These products help individuals effortlessly tap into their stored body fat for use as an unfailing source of energy.  Most ZonePerfect products were engineered in response to specific customer requests and needs for convenience.

Four Elements of the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program
There are four major pieces to the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program. Each piece is important by itself but they are especially important when combined as elements of a total health package.
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The Gourmet Prescription
The Gourmet Prescription

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