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The Four Elements Of the ZonePerfect Program

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There are four major pieces to the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program. Each piece is important by itself but they are especially powerful when combined as elements of a total health package.

1. Change in Dietary Fat Composition
The type and quantity of dietary fat recommended for use in the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program is very important.  Much of our company's continuing research revolves around fat's role as an important component of a healthy diet and in regulating food metabolism.  Dietary fat significantly slows down the absorption of a meal as well as signaling your brain when to stop eating.  However, all fat is not alike; the specific type of fat a person eats plays a critical role in their overall health. 

2.  Exercise
Exercise is the second critical element of the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program.  All exercise burns calories.  However, the efficiency and source of calories being used varies dramatically based on diet . ZonePerfect Products, the right eating habits, and exercise all help trigger the release of stored body fat (by dramatically lowering insulin levels) which provides your muscles with an additional energy source.  We reason that this is why endurance athletes perform better and you lose body fat (not just water weight) on the Zone Diet.

3. Omega-3 Fish Oils
Scientific interest in marine oils increased greatly with the discovery that certain populations who consumed large amounts of cold water fish experienced considerably low mortality rates from cardiac and circulatory diseases.  Dietary Omega-3 fatty acids are now generally recognized as the source of protection from cardiovascular illness.  A large body of published research now exists which specifically links the benefits of daily supplementation with Omega-3 fish oils to improved health.  Overall health benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced asthma attacks, decreased joint inflammation, and prevention of excessive clotting of the blood. 

Interestingly, breast milk is rich in Omega-3 oils and is a perfect Zone meal! Perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.

4.  40-30-30 Diet
The centerpiece of the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program is the Zone Diet itself. The concept of the Zone Diet is a simple one: Your genes have changed very little during the past 100,000 years. 

Most mammals, including humans, have essentially the same biochemical responses to dietary macronutrients.  These responses have been genetically maintained throughout recent evolutionary time and are unlikely to change in the near future.  The evolution of man's digestive system over the last 100,000 years has been based upon the consumption of just two food groups: (1) lean protein and (2) natural carbohydrates like fruits and fiber-rich vegetables.  (Remember, 8,000 years ago, there were no grains, bread or pasta.)  From a genetic standpoint, most humans have yet to evolve to a stage where excessive amounts of high density carbohydrates, such as grains, can be consumed without adverse biochemical consequences.  The Zone Diet is designed to fuel our current genetic makeup!

Realizing the central role insulin plays in human physiology is the key to understanding why being in the Zone is so critical.  Because insulin production is controlled to a large extent by diet, the composition of every meal determines whether you will maintain a favorable insulin level for the next three to five hours.  In essence, by following a Zone Diet, you start treating food as if it were a medication that requires controlled dosages throughout the day.  You begin to take responsibility for your health by making the appropriate food choices.  By making the correct food choices, life is significantly better.  But the door can swing both ways.  Making incorrect food choices can make life less enjoyable and fat loss, in particular, a very difficult and extremely frustrating process.

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