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Lose Weight Permanently

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The Fattening of America
It's not surprising that many people are caught in perpetual cycles of weight gain and weight loss.  Why?  Because much of the information we have received about reducing excess weight from friends, relatives, magazines, newspapers, commercial weight-loss companies and government health agencies is simply wrong. Over the past 20 years, this misinformation has been responsible for making us fat-phobic.  We fanatically consume only low fat foods in an attempt to remain or get thin.  We eat fat free chips, muffins, and cookies; we drink low fat milk; we even buy fat free ice cream and yogurt.  And what has been the pay-off for our fat obsession?  A consistent increase in excess body fat.

Dietary Fat Does Not Make You Fat!
Indeed, obesity over the last ten years has reached widespread levels in the U.S. despite the public actually consuming less fat during this period! In November of 1998, the U.S. Surgeon General declared an epidemic of obesity in America.  The solution to this apparent riddle might surprise you, but the explanation is simple. Eating fat in the proper amounts will not make you fat.

Carbohydrates: The Reason You're Fat
Just as the best way to fatten cattle is to feed them excessive amounts of low-fat grain, so too the best way to fatten oneself is to eat lots of low-fat processed carbohydrates.  Your genetic biochemical response to these carbohydrates is what makes you fat.  Carbohydrates greatly stimulate insulin secretion.  Since your body has a limited capacity to store carbohydrates, insulin directs excess carbohydrates to be converted into fat.  Your body has an unlimited ability to store food as fat! (Fat on the other hand does not stimulate insulin secretion.)

Whether recently ingested food will be used for immediate energy or stored as body fat depends on whether you are in the Zone.  The closer you adhere to a Zone diet, the less excess body fat you will have.  Permanent fat loss is possible once you know the facts. You can lose weight and keep it off simply...safely...easily... and permanently.

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