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What Results Can I Expect?

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Expect Immediate Changes
If this is your first effort to adopt a new diet regimen, you'll be happy to learn that initial changes can occur almost overnight!  You will notice a marked increase in urination (both amount and frequency) as your body naturally rids itself of excess sodium (salt) and water. Immediately, any swelling of your legs (edema) will vanish.  A weight loss of over five pounds could occur during this initial one to two week phase.  This is not true fat loss. Loss of body fat occurs at a rate of a pound to a pound and a half per week.  This is the safe  and desired physiological rate for most people and will become immediately apparent by the third week of the ZonePerfect Nutrition Program.

Other Benefits
As you harness the power of food, you can expect increased energy levels and better mental focus within 48 hours.  Your cholesterol profile--especially the triglyceride and HDL levels-- will often show dramatic improvement at six weeks.  This will make both you and your doctor happy!

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