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The best coral calcium available, developed by Dr. Robert Barefoot.  Coral Calcium Supreme contains the optimal 2:1 ratio, as determined by Dr. Barefoot, of Calcium to Magnesium.  Click the order button to order the most comprehensive
 Coral Calcium we have found to date.

Order specially formulated Coral Calcium Here ($21.95)Order the BEST Coral Calcium we have found Here ($21.95)

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(120 capsules/bottle, 1 month supply)

*Coral Calcium gives me gas, what should I do???* 
*Try HCl with Pepsin Tablets!*

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What is the Difference from Coral Calcium Supreme?

Complete Coral Calcium  has nearly 2x the amount of calcium from coral as Coral Calcium Supreme and no synthetic calcium.  It also is specially formulated to help your body absorb and receive more benefits from the coral calcium.  There is Glucosamine to help lubricate your joints between bones.  There is also nearly 40% more B-vitamin minerals.  The HCl helps as a digestive aide.  

More Benefits:

Take 4 capsules daily as a dietary supplement.  For optimum Absorption and effectiveness: Take with food and 8 oz of water; best to take one capsule w/ 8 oz of water and food 4 times each day - although this may not always be convenient.  If not take all 4 at one meal.    


Order specially formulated Coral Calcium Here ($21.95)


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