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Oral Chelation- Formula#1 Soft Gels Bottle of 60 for $28.50

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Order the BEST Oral Chelation Formula #1 we have found Here ($22.95)

What is Oral Chelation?

How can it prolong my life and improve my quality of life?

Cardiovascular disease is the nation's leading killer. According to the American Heart Association, over 60 million Americans . have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease (CVD). One out of every 2 1/2 deaths are due to CVD. In the U.S., one person dies every 30 seconds from heart disease. That's over 2.600 people every single dayl

An interview with Harry Hersy the Formulator of Formula #1

CVD is one of the many reasons why Formula #1, the Original Oral Chelation is Golden Pride's #1 selling product. For over 18 years, thousands of people across the United States and Canada can attest to the astounding health benefits of Formula #1.

The formulator of Formula #1 and founder of Golden Pride, Harry W. Hersey, tells us why Formula #1 is the best !

Where did the term "oral chelation" come from?

"Golden Pride was the first company to ever have a true chelatlon formula available, so I basically invented the term In 1983. Everyone else has simply copied what Golden Pride started. We're still the only company with a true oral chelation formula.

Why did you create Formula #1 ?

"After dealing with IV (intravenous) chelatlon doctors for a few years. It became apparent that I could make the same thing In a simple health food formulation that doctors charge hundreds of dollars for. We could get our formulation to millions of people where doctors could only reach hundreds."

How does Poritiu/a #1 work?

"Formula #1 works the same way as IV chelatlon but without the need of a doctor. That's because we have a non-prescription formulation with no side-effects. "Disodium EDTA chelates (attaches) to heavy metals, such as mercury , iron, in the blood stream. These heavy metals can lead to the buildup of plaque and narrowing of arteries. Without the use of an oral chelating agent or IV chelation, people will ultimately need bypass surgery or can even die. My answer to living longer is to take Formula #1 every day."

How does Formula #1 compare to IV chelation therapy?

Take a look at the comparison chart below and you'll see the differences.



Doctors use a glucose formulation to carry the EDTA

Golden Pride (GP use Honey rich in amigdalin a powerful free radical trappers

Doctors use synthetic B Vitamins

GP uses the richest natural source of B Vitamins, Royal jelly, and fortifies the Formula # 1 with natural B12

Doctors use disodium EDTA

GP uses disodium EDTA at the maximum levels allowed and according to FDA guidelines

IV chelation takes several hours per treatment with a needle IV drip in the arm; requires 80- 100 treatments at $50 to $100 treatments as much as $4,000 to $10,000 and up to 3,000 hours of IV drips

GP Formula #1 is taken by the teaspoon at 1-2 teaspoons per day - whenever it is convenient. Or simply take the soft gels!

Chelate 24 hours a day for just pennies a day !

Much more danger of infection and uncomfortable needles

Much safer taking it orally and with no pain


What results have you seen with Iliv use lit Formula #1 ?

"Since 1983, we've seen hundreds of thousands of people change their health for the better they live longer, avoid surgery, reverse the effects of diabetes to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life."

Take it from these satisfied Formula #1 consumers!

"I began taking Formula #1 when Harry first introduced it In Canada. I suffered from arthritis in my fingers and also had lower back pain. I wasn't sure whether Formula #1 would help, but 1 couldn't believe the results! While bowling one night, I suddenly realized that my hands weren't painful or stiff. Also, my back wasn't aching every morning.. When I saw my doctor, he was very pleased with the Improvement In my blood pressure.. I showed him the Formula #1 and he mentioned that royal Jelly was one of the best things you could take, and to continue using it. He also cut my prescription in half! I continue to take one tablespoon a day." Pat Gallagher, Quebec

"I was on medications to regulate my high blood pressure and heart problems. The medications were supposed to help me feel better, but they didn't. I stopped taking them because I felt so lousy, had no energy, and couldn't work. Then last November, 1 started taking one teaspoon a day of Formula #1. Over the next few months, my blood pressure gradually began to decrease to normal. My blood pressure continues to be at normal levels and I feel greati My energy has returned and I'm back to work. Formula #1 Is a wonderful product!" Ann Lilley, Ontario

"I feel more energized since I began taking Formula #1 In September 2001.1 usually get colds that last for five to seven days. Since taking Formula #1 along with Propolis Throat Spray, my most recent cold lasted only one day! It's very unusual for a cold to go away so quickly." Betty Miller, Wis.

"I have been taking Formual #1 for a year now by 3 soft gels each day and have noticed no bad side effects. I began taking it to check it out for my mother. She had to have an emergency angioplasty to unblock a posterior coronary artery. They also put in a stint to hold the weakened artery opened. Her blood pressure still remained high and she suffered form headaches in the top of her head almost daily. Her memory was also getting very bad. She has been taking formula #1 (1 teaspoon each day with my Father) and her memory is much better - almost normal to me. Her blood pressure has come down a lot and the headaches have all but gone. Ed Cameron, PA and Ewen Cameron, FL

Order the BEST Oral Chelation Formula #1 we have found Here ($22.95)

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